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snails trail and bento box quilt blocks

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My sister is having a baby in August and has asked me to make her a cot quilt.

She has decided that she is going with a red and yellow theme which will suit either a boy or girl. She bought some fabrics through Z and S and I also picked some up at the Brisbane Craft show from the Patchwork with Gail B stand.

I having been toying with some pattern ideas and have come up with two options – snails trail or bento box.

This snails trail pattern can look quite different depending on the fabrics used (remember I will be using red and yellow). The top one is on the RJR fabrics site called Scatter Garden Trail (pdf here).

The bento box is very popular and there are some great examples of it out there.

I love pink chalk studios sugar + spice.

Anyway I decided to test the blocks out in some red and aqua’s. I am also kind of cheating and am going to use the snails trail one for my next doll quilt.

I am now thinking of making both! Because she only wants a small quilt I could make the snails trail for the front and the bento box on the back. That way I get to make 2 quilts!

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  1. Hey they look great! That snail’s trail one looks quite complicated.

    Actually I have an idea, why don’t you make two quilts, and just back them each with homespun. Seems a waste to have all that beautiful work on the back! And then she can have two separate quilts! (If baby is a chucker, she might love you very much for this.)

  2. The Bento Box is on my to do oneday list. I love this pattern! Looking foward to watching you make both!

  3. The Bento box would be my favorite. (Only cause the snail trail looks too difficult for my level of expertise). Chalet girls idea is a good one too.

    • you might look into the Square in a Square technique developed by Jodi Barrows. It involves the purchase of a cutting template. I took a workshop because the technique looked a little daunting just trying to get it through reading, although that is entirely do-able.
      At any rate, it gives one very accurate and beautiful squares that can be adapted for a variety of patterns. Check it out on her website at

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  5. Is the bento box pattern just like a big log cabin cut into 4 pieces? ….or do you make each 1/4 of the box seperately? Looks nice! I am a beginning quilter.

  6. It is uber cute


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