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The next lot of finished tops ….

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Still in my top making phase I finished my last lot of shirts.

07/2012 #108


The third top I made was from a lovely cotton silk blend that I got from The Fabric Store.

The fabric is quite delicate so I fussed a lot with it.  I didn’t want to stretch the hems so they are just held in place with Vliesofix T10 tape instead of left raw like the pattern suggested.  The fabric is cut on the bias so it does hang beautifully.



I do like this shirt though the bust darts are a little high.

These next two patterns I liked (below) are the same pattern with different sleeves, and the top one has the tie on the front.

07/2012 #116


07/2012 #108 

I bought some lovely peach chiffon to make the second pattern but thought I would make a wearable muslin just to check the fit first.

Using a printed chiffon from spotlight I cut out  #116 – accidentally forgetting the add the seam allowances.  I thought that this would be OK and I was very wrong.

The shirt looks great, but I can’t lift my arms.   There is no movement at all between the sleeves and the body of the shirt (most likely due to my lack of adding seam allowances)

Some small modifications were to put the tie on the back instead of the front and doing a simple folded hem on the sleeves instead of  bias binding.

I also made a sorbetto from this fabric.

I actually made this one first just to see how easy it was to use premade bias binding on such a flimsy fabric.  The shirt turned out ok apart from the fact that when I ironed the front pleat – the iron was too hot and I burned a hole in it.

So, over the past two weeks I have made 6 shirts: 1 sorbetto and 4 burdastyle patterns (the green and white dot are the same pattern).

I think that I would wear only one of them out of the house.  I am ok with that.  Even though I wanted some new summer shirts this has turned into a “process” rather than “finished product” project.

It could be the fabric/pattern combination.  I really wanted to play with shear and lightweight fabric.  Maybe these patterns weren’t suitable for that type of fabric.

It could be the patterns.  The burdastyle patterns weren’t great.  They are very simple styles with minimal shaping (darts or curves).  I also find the instructions difficult to follow and often just did what I thought was best.  I hate not having seam allowances included, but I think it is something that eventually I will learn to love.

Then maybe it could be me.  Maybe I am not as skilled as I thought and still need to have my hand held for fabric choice and instructions.

Whatever the reason, I am done with tops for the moment.  I still have some beautiful fabric to make 07/2012 #108 but maybe I might wait until I can find a better pattern.


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  1. Those tops are quite lovely, though. But I agree, the Burda pattern are horribly written. For a long time I thought it was just me being too inexperienced to understand them, but then I told my sewing teacher (who is a master tailor) and she agreed that they were difficult to understand even for her sometimes, and that she mostly just did what she thought was best instead of following the pattern, like you.


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